E9’s Collection of Post Modern Iranian Artists

The post-Revolution experience is an event that overflows into many post-modern Iranian works. While works that incorporate traditional art forms like calligraphy are still showcased, these traditional mediums are fused with more modern practices, illustrating an Iranian perspective to modern art.

Ehsai2     Mohamad Ehsai    M. Ehsai

Mohammad Ehsai – Acrylic and car paint on paper










Parviz Kalantari – Acrylic and hay on canvas

1005011_609430359116725_687421301_n   Enayatolah N. Nouri

Enayatolah Nazari Nouri – Acrylic and ink on paper

Bahram Dabirir     Bahram Dabiri--untitled

Bahram Dabiri – mixed media drawing and acrylic on paper

Mortezah Darebaghi         Hossein Maher   Sahabi

Morteza Gharabaghi (Acrylic on canvas) – Hossein Maher (Acrylic on canvas) – Mehdi Sahabi – (Acrylic on wood)

Asadolah Kiani
Ebrahim Haghighi   mvc-453s

 Asadolah Kiani (Watercolor & gold leaf on paper)- Ebrahim Haghighi (Limited edition print) –
Nasser Nour-Mohamadzadeh (Watercolor & gold leaf on paper)

Nurieh Mozzafari--orange abstract    2015-03-09 12.26.10_resized

Nourish Mozaffari – Acrylic on canvas

10931660_838260729567019_3067996007191047171_o37081_464830323576730_285051599_n    Ovissioldwork

 Nasser Ovissi – Acrylic on canvas – Mixed media on paper – Acrylic & gold leaf on canvas





Ardeshir Mohasses – Watercolor & ink on paper -Sold

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