About Us

Exhibit9 was established in May 2002 to showcase contemporary art and educate the public about arts and artists in general. E9 has achieved this goal by holding art exhibitions, art consulting services and fundraising events. At E9, we believe that art is the best vehicle to build healthy and thriving communities, and to create beautiful environment at home and the work place. 

Exhibit9 is unique in that it encompasses both established and emerging artists in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. E9 is proud to showcase artists regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, or other variables in one’s background. Art is a tool that can be employed to unify communities, providing an umbrella and safe haven for expression and exchange of ideas.

Sarah Barzmehri, the founder and CEO of Exhibit9 gallery has studied art at “Ecole Superior des Beaux Arts” in Paris, France, and graphic design at university of Maryland Baltimore County in Baltimore, MD.

Sarah has been organizing art exhibitions since 1996 in the DC area in collaboration with non-profit organizations such as Evolving Perceptions, and Art-O-Matic

She has collaborated with artists and art venues in Washington, DC area curating art exhibitions and providing art consulting services for interior designers, architectural firms and corporations in the area such as Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC)gallery Ovissi, Desho productions, Chevron corporation, Gallery 4940, Kanvas DC, HM architecture, and .

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